About Nalini Asha Biggs

I've always been an artist but over the years I've accumulated new identities: scholar, educator, activist, and now filmmaker and producer. 

My original films are experimental and explore neurodiversity and creativity as lived practices. I also collaborate with scholars and practitioners working with underrepresented minority groups to support wellness and education. My background in education and social science allows me to help them turn their research and projects into the medium of film not only for greater visibility and dissemination but also a form of research and assessment itself. I am currently completing my doctorate with the Department of Communication at UC San Diego with a focus on critical media production and Disability Studies where I also teach undergraduates how to take better selfies. I live in San Diego, CA with my husband Travis and in a few months we will welcome our daughter into the world. 

And since the age of 7 I've been carving pumpkins into art every Halloween :)

If you are interested in my services, artwork, or simply enjoy watching the results you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook or simply contact me directly at: