Aqua Chalcedony

Sometimes I’m inspired by a single animal or plant. Sometimes it’s a semi-precious stone. In the case of these warm, pale blues, it was an amalgamation of sea glass, jade, the ocean, the sky, and so many other beautiful aqua, mint, and turquoise tones that are especially present in the San Diego environment.

This painting features animals and plants that naturally exhibit pale, warm, blue-green tones. Chalcedony is a semi-precious stone that is famous for a milky turquoise hue. A Litoria caerulea (also known as the dumpy frog, Australian green treefrog, and White’s treefrog) holds a marquee cut chalcedony stone while two others perch atop echeveria succulents blooming outward. In the center is a recently molted Cystosoma saundersii (Bladder Cicada from Australia) nesting in more pale blue echeveria. Below the cicada hang a jade plant and sedum (donkey’s tale). Above is a luna moth.

Each of these paintings is originally in acrylic on paper or wood panel which I then scan/photograph and photoshop for prints and to design surface patterns like the one below. You can find handmade products with these designs in my Etsy as well as a plethora of products with these designs on Spoonflower, Society6, and Redbubble.