blush website large watermarked.jpg



20” x 20”

Acrylic on Paper

“Blush” was my first departure from the comfortable repetition of the white background and marquee shaped previous four paintings. Inspired by the Mexican cave-dwelling axolotl, this painting meditates on the delicate cold pink to white ombres traditionally associated with roses. As I repeatedly studied my possible compositions, this heart shape kept erupting and so I rather than fight this hue I allowed it to compose itself. Because so much of these emphemera has delicate white highlights, a pale sage background better suited this color’s natural personality.

This axolotl swims in a lush bed of flowers, a pink katydid, moth, white raspberries, and two orchid praying mantis which sit atop the pale blush pink morning glories native to San Diego and currently in bloom in my back yard.

Usually my color portraits are inspired by a tangible object that epitomizes a hue. However in this case the label “blush” is culturally exclusive, and references the shade of pink that a pale person shows on their skin. This could alternatively be called “apple blossom.” I might start calling this pale pink “axolotl.”